IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management Solution for Siebel

IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management (TDM) Solution for Siebel provides an automated approach to establishing and managing your Siebel non-production (development, test, QA, training) environments. Optim TDM for Siebel helps you to quickly provision and refresh Siebel databases that leverage Optim technology to subset large volumes of transactional data into smaller, more nimble, targeted subsets. The result is test environments that use less disk space and have improved performance.

The quick provisioning and management of multiple test database environments are a big advantage when developing Siebel enhancements and implementing upgrades. Important factors include start-to-finish environment setup and configuration time, the ongoing management of disk space needed for a given test database, and the overall performance of a test database instance.

This Demo Includes:

  • Establishing test data for the Siebel Service Request module, using the classic Optim interface
  • How Optim is used to easily subset Siebel data

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