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Estuate announces participation in Sparta Connection 2019

San Diego, CA – June 19, 2019 – Estuate Inc. recently participated in Sparta Connection 2019, an annual conference organized by Sparta Systems to introduce enterprises to the recent trends in digital quality management systems. The agenda for this year’s Sparta Connection meet was ‘Making digital quality a reality’. The conference was held between 20th and 23rd May at Hilton La Jolla, Torrey Pines.

The event started with a welcome reception sponsored by Estuate, followed by presentations, product demos, discussions, workshops, case studies and networking sessions. Renowned speakers from around the world joined the event and enlightened the audience on the scope and value of digital quality systems in a data-driven world. Some prominent speakers at the conference were Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems, Matt Littlefield, President & Principal Analyst at LNS Research and Denise Guerriero, Director of Quality at Pfizer.

It was a great platform for Sparta’s customers, partners, industry experts and information technology enthusiasts to come together and share valuable insights on the use of digital QMS to improve enterprise data performance.

“A Quality Management System is essential for digital enterprises as it establishes a standard framework for key business processes. Sparta’s initiative towards making digital quality a reality is commendable. As a digital transformation enabler, we’re proud to be partners with Sparta in this journey”, says Prakash Balebail, CEO and Founder of Estuate. Estuate is Sparta’s preferred product development and engineering partner and was a platinum sponsor at the event.

About Estuate:

Estuate is an ISO certified software services company that helps businesses unlock their true potential in a digital world with innovative solutions. The company specializes in leading-edge technology solutions in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. The practice areas that leverage these technologies are Product Engineering, Applications & Technology, Governance, Security, Risk and Compliance.

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