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Invite Enterprise Bots to Manage IT Services Better

 Sunnyvale, California October 01, 2017 Estuate, an established global Product Engineering and IT services company announced AI Now in partnership with Parlo, one of the leading enterprise artificial intelligence vendors in the country. Backed by over a decade of experience in IT services, Estuate’s AI Now solution will empower businesses to automate their managed services using smart enterprise bots (eBots).

AI Now is aimed at providing an intelligent enterprise AI solution powered by Broca, Parlo’s most advanced natural language understanding (NLU) service that is trained and continuously learns from the unique language within each enterprise. This partnership will implement smart eBots using advanced NLU, supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities, and cognitive automation to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT Services. “Artificial Intelligence that assures customer satisfaction and efficient performance”, says Murali Subbarao, Founder and CEO of Parlo.AI Now will help businesses:

  • Design, launch, and operate custom AI-based eBots
  • Implement advanced NLU capabilities within the enterprise IT environment
  • Empower IT workforces to minimize the TCO in IT Services Management

Digital Transformation is not just about cloud and mobility. There are several challenges in an execution plan for CXOs at enterprises. One of the biggest is how to allocate the limited bandwidth of an enterprise’s workforce to accomplish critical transformation tasks and projects. Estuate’s AI Now solution will supplement businesses with a digital workforce (or eBots) to solve accumulated IT service tasks. eBots can be trained for both intent-driven workflows as well as unsupervised learning to manage IT Services. “If autonomous cars are no longer a fiction, eBots are the way to build a ‘Digital Workforce’ in a digitally transformed enterprise,” says Krishna Guda (GK), Chief Strategy Officer at Estuate.

About Parlo:
Parlo builds smarter bots for smarter enterprises – bots that employ cutting-edge machine learning to seamlessly integrate with businesses. Broca, Parlo’s one-of-a-kind natural language understanding engine, learns by doing and continuously trains itself. Parlo’s AI-powered chatbots understand complex intents and respond in enterprise specific language. They support human workforce, delight customers, and save enterprises time and money. It’s a digital workforce that really works. For more information about Parlo, click here.

About Estuate:
Estuate is an established global Product Engineering and IT services company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and with offices in Canada, India and the UK. The company specializes in cutting-edge technology solutions in IOT, AI, and Digital Transformation solutions. The focus areas and practices that leverage these technologies are Product Engineering Services, Data & Analytics, Subscription Billing & Revenue Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance For more information, visit us at