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Actionable Data Governance: How to manage my Sensitive Data Risk?

WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya ransomware attacks are undoubtedly among the worst cyber disasters to hit global businesses in a long time. Latest NotPetya cyber attack prove that attackers have been continuously inventing new methods to re-engineer tactics to make them easier to execute, more ambiguous, and more likely to deceive targeted users. Combined with targeting platforms that organizations falsely consider more secure, these sophisticated attacks, including ransomware, are proving very damaging to unprepared organizations.

Despite the high-risk of the threat, enterprises continue to fall victim to data breaches globally and it raises a significant concern over protecting the data that organizations own, process and store. Estuate and Informatica have come together to deliver data security and privacy solutions which offer the trust, flexibility, and scalability required to harness data as a business asset. Estuate delivers these capabilities through our Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) model that combines our years of data security experience with solutions like Informatica’s Secure@Source.

Watch this webinar to learn why organizations need far better visibility and control over their sensitive data and how Estuate and Informatica can help address these growing data security challenges.This webinar covers how Data Security Intelligence can help:

  • ​Continuously monitor and track sensitive data risks that threaten compliance and privacy
  • Identify unusual user behavior or data access that present risk to the organization early
  • Orchestrate security controls for high-risk data remediation
  • Provide powerful visualizations of sensitive data by function, geography, and policy for audit and governance


Pankil Shah – Informatica Practice Head, Estuate Inc.
Erik Jarlstrom – Domain Expert, Informatica Data Security Group

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