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Archiving Structured Data for Information Lifecycle Governance and Profit

Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) initiatives are gaining priority in large IT organizations, as companies recognize the importance of managing data through to the end of its useful life-and no longer. The business drivers for ILG range from the need to support compliance, audit and litigation efforts, to cost savings by retiring obsolete applications, to improving the performance of production applications, to more efficient disk storage management.

Increasingly, such initiatives extend to all data in the enterprise—both structured data in databases, and unstructured data in email and document management systems. Managing all this data requires tools that can archive both classes of data smoothly and efficiently, creating a corporate archive repository that ensures data is properly managed through the end of its useful life.

In this webinar, archiving expert, Marc Hebert, CEO of Estuate, covered:

  • How to understand where your data is located within the enterprise
  • Techniques and tools for archiving unstructured data
  • Techniques and tools for archiving structured data
  • How to consolidate, manage and access archived data into a Corporate Data Repository
  • Techniques for isolating and managing data used in litigation (legal hold processing)
  • IBM’s leading platform for archiving both structured and unstructured data

Attendees: Chief Information Officer, Senior IT

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