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How to Fabricate High-Quality and Secure Synthetic Data for Testing, Development and Training

Many IT organizations struggle with provisioning the right test data for application development and testing. The traditional approach of cloning production data is costly, slow and risky. Moreover, production data only allows testing of existing functionality. Software development and QA organizations are actively looking for a better solution today, with the ability to generate test data based on their specific requirements for new software features.

In this webinar Marc Hebert, COO, Estuate and IBM’s research team introduced IBM’s planned Optim Test Data Fabrication (TDF) solution specifically designed to address this market need. TDF is a rules-based data creation engine that is highly flexible and productive for provisioning test data quickly and easily.

Estuate is IBM’s lead partner for TDF, and offers implementation services for deploying TDF.  Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to provision the right test data for application development and testing.

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