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Managing Explosive Data Growth Effectively

Data Archiving is an intelligent process for moving inactive or infrequently accessed data that still has value, while providing the ability to search and retrieve the data.

Learn how data archiving applied right can:

  • Reduce hardware, software and storage costs
  • Help comply with data retention policies and audit requirements
  • Improve application performance & streamline back-ups and upgrades
  • Support data retention regulations & safely retire legacy/redundant applications
  • Accelerate project deployment by automating discovery of your distributed data landscape

An IBM OPTIM Data Archive is:

  • Archiving the historical data that retains its data integrity even when archived from its original database
  • Data can be stored and accessed based on value and deleted in accordance to a retention policy

Key Highlights of IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive Solution:

  • Intelligently archive data to improve application performance and support data retention
  • Discover & identify data record types to archive across heterogeneous environments
  • Capture & store historical data in its original business context to maintain referential integrity
  • Support data retention policies automatically & consistently across the enterprise
  • Ensure application-independent access of archived data via multiple access methods
  • Support for custom & packaged ERP applications and data warehouses in heterogeneous environments
  • Perform ad-hoc searches across InfoSphere Optim archive files
  • Leverage a variety of methods to access archive data, via the native enterprise application or third-party reporting tools
  • Real time monitoring and protection with InfoSphere Optim & InfoSphere Guardium
  • Provide application-independent access to the data
  • Manage archived data as part of a big data strategy via the social media, websites, ERP, CRM, Facebook, and many more
  • Leverage cost-effective storage alternatives from compressed files
  • Archive a complete business object and retain integrity
  • Accelerate project deployment by automating discovery of your distributed data landscape

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