Secure Your SAP Environments

SAP customers face a growing set of challenges in keeping sensitive data secure for both their production and non-production environments. The traditional approach of using native SAP security tools leaves big holes in a company’s ability to secure its sensitive data: 

  • SAP Data objects now in one spot increase privacy issues
  • SAP architecture makes it difficult to non-intrusively audit user access
  • Direct SAP Database access may expose private data accidentally
  • Difficulty of understanding and visibility of how SAP objects are used by whom
  • Auditors require proof that transaction data usage is logged
  • Difficult to understand impact the of SAP upgrades, support packs, enhancement packs, and security patches 

The key takeaways from this webinar are :

  • Comprehensive database activity monitoring and blocking, including privileged users
  • Compliance reporting
  • Data encryption
  • Masking of sensitive non-production data 

IBM and Estuate presented best practices and tools for securing your SAP production and non-production data using IBM Security Solutions and Estuate services.

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