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Stop Playing Games with Data Privacy

Tried and Tested Data Masking Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Gaming industry firms face unprecedented security risks, as exemplified by public data breaches in recent years. It is urgent that gaming firms protect their sensitive customer data from unauthorized access.

Most gaming companies use well-known packaged software solutions from Agilysys, Bally and Infor to manage their gaming and hospitality functions. These solutions have standard data models and sensitive data elements that can be pre-defined for data security purposes. This solution is now available out-of-the-box for many of the leading gaming packages.Watch the webinar to learn about this packaged data masking solution, and our successes in implementing this solution at other gaming companies.

The on-demand webinar will cover:

  • The data obfuscation techniques that can be used to prevent the intrusion of private and sensitive online data.
  • Repeatable processes that can ensure irreversible data masking.
  • Techniques to prevent sensitive data loss from non-production systems, including reducing the volume of sensitive data in non-production systems.

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