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Using Hadoop for Enterprise Data Management

Large IT organizations are implementing enterprise data management strategies today, for data archiving, application retirement, test data subsetting and data masking. The benefits of these initiatives include cost savings, improved system performance, and compliance with corporate data retention policies. At the same time, IT is increasingly turning to Hadoop as a corporate data repository of choice, due to its high performance, low cost characteristics for managing large data volumes. And, Hadoop is fast becoming an enterprise data management platform of choice for these initiatives. IBM is a leader in enterprise data management with its Optim platform, and in leveraging Hadoop for data archiving, retirement, and test data management, and Estuate is IBM’s strategic partner for IBM Optim with Hadoop.

The key takeaways from this webinar are :

  • Archiving data from enterprise applications to Hadoop
  • Archiving data from Hadoop to an Archive Repository
  • Subsetting and masking enterprise applications using Hadoop repositories IBM and Estuate present best practices and tools for using Hadoop for enterprise data management.

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