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Estuate’s Digital Security Services: Transformative Digital Security for Your Enterprise

Estuate’s digital security application delivery and consulting services actively mitigate organizational risks. From implementing robust Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategies to securing Identity Access Management (IAM), we strengthen your organization’s defenses. Choose Estuate for proactive measures that enhance your security posture and effectively navigate the evolving threat landscape.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Discover Estuate’s cutting-edge Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions designed to fortify regulatory adherence and elevate risk management. Our comprehensive framework guarantees strategic oversight, efficient processes, and proactive risk mitigation, enhancing overall compliance. With a proactive mindset, we address threats head-on, reinforcing your organizational defense in the dynamic digital realm.

Identity and Access Management

Discover Estuate’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, skillfully crafted to heighten security and seamlessly control access within your enterprise. Our IAM solutions efficiently manage user identities, control access permissions, and safeguard sensitive data through a robust framework. Elevate security, ensure compliance, and enhance user experience, establishing a secure access environment while maintaining operational efficiency.

Managed Security Services

Elevate your security posture with our Managed Security Services. From Continuous Threat Monitoring to 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Services, we provide robust security solutions. Swift incident response, centralized SIEM, proactive Vulnerability Management, Managed Firewall, Endpoint Security, IAM, Patch Management, and Security Audits ensure a tailored strategy to combat evolving challenges.

Technology Specializations


Automate compliance, secure data with Drata, exceed audit standards smoothly.


Unify multi-cloud security with Strata, achieve seamless identity protection.


Empower secure governance with Diligent’s enterprise risk management suite.


Increase resilience with ServiceNow’s integrated risk management services.


Protect data assets using Thales’s advanced cybersecurity and encryption.


Streamline compliance, Oracle ensures privacy, shields enterprise data expertly.


Enhance regulatory compliance with IBM’s Governance, Risk and Compliance

Oracle AG

Mitigate risks with Oracle AG’s comprehensive audit and governance tools.


Optimize compliance, mitigate risks with MetricStream’s integrated GRC solutions.

Is Your Organization Ready for Enhanced Security?

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