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Using Hadoop for Enterprise Data Management

Large IT organizations are implementing enterprise data management strategies today, for data archiving, application retirement, test data sub-setting and data masking. The benefits of these initiatives include cost savings, improved system performance, and compliance with corporate data retention policies

Managing Explosive Data Growth Effectively

Data Archiving is an intelligent process for moving inactive or infrequently accessed data that still has value, while providing the ability to search and retrieve the data.

Secure Your SAP Environments

SAP customers face a growing set of challenges in keeping sensitive data secure for both their production and non-production environments. The traditional approach of using native SAP security tools leaves big holes in a company’s ability to secure its sensitive data.

Smarter Testing for Your SAP Environment

Today’s organizations depend on the accuracy, quality and reliability of SAP® applications to support critical business operations. To that end, these organizations strive to speed the deployment of application upgrades, support packs and new functionality, all while trying to optimize the total cost of ownership

MongoDB Best Practices for Reporting and Analytics

While MongoDB is gaining widespread popularity within the software development community for building high-performance apps, did you also know that it can be utilized to efficiently power reporting and analytics? Please join Estuate and Logi Analytics on June 26 to learn best practices for leveraging MongoDB