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Estuate’s Digital Core Services for Seamless Business Transformation

Explore Estuate’s core digital transformation services with expertise in cloud and application modernization, data and insights, integration, automation, AI, product development, omnichannel, and enterprise platforms. Seamlessly upgrade, modernize, and optimize with us,
unlocking on-demand insights and reshaping your business landscape with cloud, data, AI, and beyond. Estuate is your strategic
partner for a transformative journey, adding enduring value to your enterprise.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Estuate’s Product Engineering transforms ideas into cutting-edge solutions with a comprehensive approach from ideation to deployment. Our services blend innovation and efficiency, driven by DevOps and CI/CD methodologies. Experience seamless innovation that goes beyond expectations.

Cloud Enablement Services

Estuate specializes in comprehensive cloud-enablement services, providing a strategic roadmap from inception to optimization.
Our suite includes strategy, design, testing, migration, integration, deployment, and ongoing support, tailored to diverse organizational needs and cloud maturity levels.

Cloud Enablement
Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Estuate’s Data and Insights Engineering maximizes your
data’s potential, emphasizing integrity, scalability, and analytics.
Thrive in the data-driven era as our expertise transforms raw
data into strategic assets, providing unparalleled business
intelligence for informed decision-making and sustained success.

Automation and AI

Estuate’s Integration, Automation, and AI Engineering lead technological innovation by seamlessly connecting systems, automating workflows, and infusing AI for enhanced efficiency. Explore this transformative collaboration as Estuate engineers
a future-ready foundation for your enterprise.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Estuate’s Managed IT Services optimize technology landscapes, providing seamless support for cutting-edge solutions, strategic cloud optimization, continuous integration in DevOps, and efficient support for Data & Analytics and AI & Automation. Experience the cohesive synergy of our services for a future-ready IT landscape.

Technology Specializations


Elevate CRM, boost sales with Estuate’s Salesforce CoE for enhanced efficiencies.


Optimize cloud potential and drive innovation with AWS’s powerful, scalable solutions.

Google Cloud

Harness Google Cloud’s AI-driven tech to advance, scale, and revolutionize your business.


Integrate apps seamlessly, automate workflows with Workato’s agile integration platform.


Transform data into value, enable intelligent decisions with Informatica’s data solutions.


Connect and orchestrate apps with MuleSoft’s robust API-led connectivity platform.


Optimize data analytics and elevate BI with Estuate’s Snowflake solutions.


Scale with confidence, empower teams with Microsoft Azure’s endless cloud capabilities.


Transform support, drive growth with IBM’s advanced AI & hybrid cloud solutions.


Enhance customer relations using Zendesk’s support platform for seamless service.

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