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Estuate’s Managed Application Services offerings

Experience unparalleled control and optimization of your digital landscape with Estuate’s Managed Application Services. From ensuring the seamless operation of your applications to elevating user interactions through enhanced helpdesk services, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our commitment to security, modernization, and performance optimization ensures that your applications not only meet today’s standards but are prepared for future challenges. Explore a holistic approach to application management, where innovation meets reliability, with Estuate’s expert team by your side.

Managed Application Services

Application Deployment and Implementation

Seamlessly deploy and configure applications with expert assistance, ensuring minimal disruptions and optimal integration.

Managed Application Services

Application Maintenance
and Support

Execute periodic software updates and troubleshooting, optimizing application performance with minor customizations for adaptability.

Managed Application Services

Application Modernization Services

Future-proof apps by migrating legacy systems, integrating cloud-native features, and embracing scalable microservices for long-term adaptability.

Managed Application Services

Application Security

Secure applications with dedicated measures, continuous monitoring, and threat assessment to protect valuable data integrity.

Managed Application Services

Performance Optimization Services

Enhance application performance, implementing optimizations to boost speed and responsiveness for a seamless user experience.

Managed Application Services

Application Lifecycle

Navigate the entire lifecycle of applications with planning, development, deployment, and ongoing support for sustained success.

Managed Application Services

Custom Development and Integration

Tailor applications to specific needs with custom development services, seamlessly integrating new features and functionalities.

Managed Application Services

Help Desk Capabilities

24/7 support enhances managed application capabilities—providing swift responses, troubleshooting, and extensive assistance.

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