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Technology is dynamically changing the way the healthcare industry works. Watch out the top five digital transformation trends in healthcare.

Technology pretty much touches all facets of mankind. But the most positive impacts of technology are evidently visible in the healthcare industry.

Over the decades, technology has seeped into every aspect of healthcare, literally transforming the industry digitally.

From patient registration to smart diagnosis and self-care tools, the healthcare sector has transformed magically; and with time, it’s only getting a notch higher.

Here are the top five trends in healthcare that are leading to a massive digital transformation.

Personalized Treatments
We’ve come a long way from providing standard, generic medicine to now offering personalized medicine. The development of personalized medical treatments lies on the fact that each individual carries unique genes and therefore our diseases may have varied characteristics. This revolution in life sciences has been possible because of genomics and advanced analytics, creating a strong way to fight rare diseases.

The advancements in telecommunication have led to the breakthrough concept of telemedicine. Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services like assessment or consulting without meeting the patient in person. It’s a convenient and quick way to avail healthcare at home through telecommunication channels. By 2021, the global telemedicine market is expected to grow significantly.

Mobility and Cloud Access
The increasing use of mobile applications and cloud technology in delivering healthcare services is enhancing accessibility for patients and medical professionals. Mobile applications allow patients to access reports, monitor health and communicate with professionals at any given hour. Hospitals are moving to cloud storage solutions to store patient records, medical reports and other critical information. Mobility and cloud are reducing significant operational costs for healthcare enterprises.

Wearable devices
Wearable technology is taking over the healthcare industry in multiple ways. From fitness bands to smart watches and headbands, people are widely using wearable devices to effectively track and maintain their fitness. Also, medical professionals, especially surgeons, are adopting wearable devices like surgery goggles to help them clearly understand CT or X-Ray images. Wearables are the new face of modern healthcare and are expected to spread out even farther in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence
Healthcare enterprises are making use of  artificial intelligence  to catch up with the growing trends of the 21st century. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants enable round the clock communication with patients and ensure improved customer interaction. Additionally, artificial intelligence also plays a major role in accurate diagnosis of diseases and better clinical documentation.

We’ve reached an era where technology is the power. Sooner or later, all businesses and all industries will transform digitally. Healthcare is one of the major industries to have undergone a sea change with technology advancements. These five digital transformation trends are ruling the healthcare industry today and are completely reinventing the way healthcare is provided globally.