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Data breaches can happen anytime, anywhere. How well are you prepared to fight one?
As technology continues to drive businesses, it also continues to make them vulnerable to cybercrime. Data breaches at huge business groups such as Equifax and Facebook literally shook the IT world. Now, Equifax is the third largest credit reporting organization in the US, and Facebook needs no introduction. Who would have expected a mega-breach at such reputable enterprises?

But that’s what has startled companies across the globe. Little negligence is all it takes to cause a security incident and to shatter your brand name in the market. The aftermaths of a security breach can be devastating. They can bring down your reputation awfully, put a dent on your finances, and leave you juggling with legal actions and lawsuits.

CEOs and CXOs are realizing that data breaches can happen in any organization, big or small; and feeling totally secure about their data could be a huge mistake. Here are some measures that can help you avoid a data breach at your enterprise.

Internal Awareness

First things first, ensure that your management and employees are totally aware of the potential cybersecurity risks that your industry and company is vulnerable to, and the repercussions that a data breach can have. Building internal awareness includes developing standard security guidelines, clear BYOD policies, and ensuring that all employees are making prudent use of sensitive business data.

Secure Networking and Updated Software

We just cannot deny the significance of a strong and secure enterprise network. Invest in a trusted corporate VPN that ensures safe encryption of sensitive data at source. Another key concern is that data driven organizations are subject to constant software and technology advances. The older your software, the more vulnerable it is to data breaches. Keeping up with software updates through strong data security solutions will keep you fairly outside the radius of a data breach.

Using Cloud Based Technology

Cloud servers tend to have an extremely high level of security, and are encrypted and monitored by expert teams which can inspect and identify malicious attacks immediately. Top companies around the globe are moving to cloud software solutions to safeguard their businesses from security breaches. Using cloud based technology to save your firm’s sensitive data and client information will give you a better control over your enterprise data and back you up in times of emergency.

Vulnerability assessments and Regular Security Audits

It is important to keep a check on vulnerability of your business data and regularly monitor areas which may be exposed to malicious activities. A regular security audit brings out the clear picture of your data and acts as a checklist to work towards data protection. It highlights the areas where real problems exist, and helps you take the correct measures to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Information security is a highly sensitive area for all businesses because it has a massive impact on what matters the most; the customers. In a world of hacks, scams and cyber security breaches, a little negligence can cost you dearly. But with the right firefighting tools and effective data privacy measures, you can prevent cyber-risk from making a catastrophic impact on your business.