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Selecting the right Mobile Business Intelligence tool is essential for outstanding business growth. Here are 4 key factors to consider while choosing a mobile BI tool for your enterprise.

Information is power today! However, since most of this information is scattered and raw, businesses need tools and methods to turn this data into actionable insights and make profitable decisions.

This has multiplied the importance of analytics and business intelligence for data-driven businesses. There are several factors that urge businesses to invest in Business Intelligence. It improves visibility of data, enables clearer decision making and brings businesses closer to established goals.

In the recent times, Business Intelligence paradigms have increasingly shifted toward equipping more employees with critical information. The proliferation of mobile technology has helped facilitate this trend, resulting in new considerations for BI software. There are literally hundreds of mobile BI tools that have emerged over time, which is why it is important for companies to approach BI procurement with a clear framework. Here are some key features to look for in your mobile BI tool for a profitable business growth.


Your tool should be accessible and properly formatted on all mobile devices and operating systems, including smartphones and tablets. This becomes primarily important because users of business information are spread across various devices and technologies, and every user must be able to make use of BI insights effectively. Many BI vendors are now offering customized mobile intelligence solutions to cater to varied business specifications.


Accessing BI on a mobile device implies the user’s expectation for simplicity and convenience. Particularly as businesses find more use for predictive analytics, mobile BI should have robust tools for generating new reports as well as sensible dashboards, making viewing and searching business information easily. Look for a tool that has a clear, easy-to-use design, and is able to offer the convenience of using a web-based dashboard on a small screen with minimum effort.


Companies benefit most with BI tools that integrate with device-specific features such as GPS and other mobile applications. Touch gesturing, integration with cameras, messaging and social media applications and geo-locational functionalities are some common integration features that most businesses seek in modern mobile BI tools. The ability to integrate BI software with other critical applications allows businesses to expand usability of information beyond analysis.


Analyzing raw data is crucial, but user-friendly reporting is equally essential for successful BI implementation. Effective BI tools transform key information into graphs, charts and other visualizations so users can easily make sense of it. Greater visibility leads to better understanding and improved decision making for employees and other stakeholders.

IT Assistance

Another key consideration before selecting a mobile BI tool is the availability of support services at all times. Mobile applications seldom undergo performance failures and breakdowns. Your BI vendor should be able to assist you with any issues and be available for immediate troubleshooting.


When multiple BI tools with promising features and competitive prices are available in the market, selecting an ideal tool becomes a challenge. The pricing of a BI tool varies depending on the specifications required and business size. Go for a tool that delivers the maximum business value and fits your budget. An overpriced tool might increase your business cost and a cheap tool might not deliver the desired business benefit.

Mobile technology is growing at an unbelievable pace and so is Mobile Business Intelligence. Industries and businesses of diverse nature are now adopting mobile BI to attain a competitive edge, improve workflows and grow with technology. If you’re looking forward to blending the smartness of BI tools with the convenience of mobility, you know what to look for in your Mobile Business Intelligence tool.