Scriptless Test Automation

In the software development world, robust test automation plays a decisive role in ensuring a product’s successful transition from development to deployment. Today with Agile and DevOps around, more frequent releases are required to keep pace with an extremely competitive market. So, alongside the choice of test automation framework and tool, the approach of the software testing service you choose is also of critical importance. Script-based testing being so high-maintenance, most developers today are going scriptless, i.e., they are adhering to a modern approach called Scriptless Test Automation (STA) to fulfill the relentless demand for faster applications.

Testing as a service today centers on this STA.

What is Scriptless Test Automation?

Scriptless Test Automation (STA) is a method to build automated test scripts that involves low/no coding or programming skills. In other words, it enables testers and other business users to perform automation without any scripting – resulting in faster outputs and minimized time & effort spent on understanding codes.

At the operational level, scriptless testing provides an optimal mix of functional and technical expertise by using keyword abstractions to create test steps, modify methods, and select relevant options for a specific problem. Sound software testing services leverage the power of STA within an appropriate test automation framework to drive next-gen business results.

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Scriptless test automation allows business participants with no testing background to understand the process, evaluate test cases, and see a better picture of what the tester is doing.

In turn, this offers outstanding benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings.

As a result, automation automatically becomes simpler, more understandable, and easier to leverage. Always ensure that your software testing service manual is inclusive of STA.

Are Testing Tools Effective Without Scripting?

An indisputable part of any modern software testing service pertains to the choice of its tools. In the STA approach, it is the scriptless testing tool that has a major role to play. Such a tool offers an abstraction from the test automation code that concentrates mainly on validating business logic.

The STA tool drastically simplifies the manual effort required to build a test case. Instead of writing codes, you simply need to define the steps to be performed within the test automation framework, and the tool will convert those manual steps internally into the actual execution code – behind the scene, during the test execution. In the end, you can view the report of test execution outcomes without any code writing.

Why do we need Scriptless Test Automation?

  • Scriptless test automation allows manual testers to create automated test cases for different test scenarios and test the core features of your products.
  • Scriptless testing requires less time to be set aside for automation – increasing productivity and reducing cost & time to market.
  • STA is robust and versatile enough to satisfy increasing testing demands.
  • The scriptless approach is something that manual testers can take without acquiring any new skills.
  • Implementing scriptless test automation saves money that can be invested in upskilling manual testers, instead of recruiting automation test engineers.

It is crucial to note that while scriptless testing helps to reduce the time involved in the development of automated tests, it is not a proxy for the actual encoding. And, this is probably the best advantage of using STA – it leverages the best of both your technical and human ingenuity.

So when matched with the right test automation framework, STA empowers you to release products in the market faster than ever before. Estuate’s Test Automation Solution (e-TAS) includes both these features and more (discussed in detail later in this blog).

e-TAS Estuate’s Scriptless Test Automation Tool
e-TAS: Estuate’s Scriptless Test Automation Tool

Scriptless or Scripted Testing – Which One is Better?

The ultimate decision of whether to use script-based or scriptless test automation depends on your test goals and the amount of testing required for your project.

The primary use of scriptless test automation pertains to the evaluation of high-level function verification and scalability for potential functionality enhancements. On the contrary, code-based testing is performed to test a feature in detail which includes all its parameters and logical pathways to be verified for a variety of test scenario combinations.

That being said, STA does have some edge over the script-based approach in terms of operation and output.

  • Scriptless testing uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) such as visual drop-down menus to create tests that measure the performance of the system. It automates high-level testing and usability features using this GUI environment, which is much simpler and quicker to execute than writing scripts for each change in code.
  • Scriptless test automation enables quicker script design and development, making automation faster, thus improving time to market.
  • Low/no code testing allows even (non-technical) business users to engage in the QA process and provide useful reviews to strengthen the quality of the final product.
Scripted V/s Scriptless Testing in Software Testing Service
Scripted V/s Scriptless Testing in Software Testing Services

Introducing e-TAS – Estuate’s STA-based Web Automation Tool

From a vantage point, test creation, maintenance of test script, and performance efficiency are all highly reliant on your choice of test automation framework and tool. These elements are the underlying determinants of your ultimate success in the test automation journey.

With several scriptless test automation tools available in the market today, it is vital to pick a solid one that supports each application of your project. Identifying this need, Estuate has introduced a web automation solution called e-TAS in its ambit.

Here is a quick feature summary of e-TAS:

e-TAS: Estuate’s automation tool with robust test automation framework
e-TAS: Estuate’s automation tool with robust test automation framework

Over time, software testing service has evolved multi-fold to enable rapid software launches of the highest quality. Toward this, tools that leverage scriptless testing are an ideal solution for meeting the trending industry requirements. With STA, not only would you expedite Agile testing and software releases, substantial cost savings would also follow suit.

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What’s your take on Scriptless Test Automation? Do you think it can help your business?

Prem Shankar Patel
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Prem brings nearly three decades of analytics and information management experience to Estuate. He is a recognized expert who has received several awards over the years. In 2003, he was awarded the Center of Excellence (CoE) Champion Award for introduction of advanced training and certification for BIDW architects and consultants. In FY03-04 and FY04-05, he received the Best Faculty of the Year Award for his significant and effective contribution as a faculty member in the delivery of BIDW training. Previously in 2005, he received the Feather in My Cap (FIMC) Award for defining metrics for BIDW projects and establishing organizational norms. Prior to joining Estuate, Prem worked in various strategic positions at Wipro Limited and R S Software (India) Ltd. He holds an M. Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.
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Seemakiran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Karnataka University.
Prem Shankar Patel
Senior Manager
Prem brings nearly three decades of analytics and information management experience to Estuate. He is a recognized expert who has received several awards over the years. In 2003, he was awarded the Center of Excellence (CoE) Champion Award for introduction of advanced training and certification for BIDW architects and consultants. In FY03-04 and FY04-05, he received the Best Faculty of the Year Award for his significant and effective contribution as a faculty member in the delivery of BIDW training.
Previously in 2005, he received the Feather in My Cap (FIMC) Award for defining metrics for BIDW projects and establishing organizational norms. Prior to joining Estuate, Prem worked in various strategic positions at Wipro Limited and R S Software (India) Ltd. He holds an M. Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.
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He has received the Great Performance award from PwC and the ACE award from Accenture. Piyush has also delivered many end-to-end projects on a medium to large scale.
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Vice President - Service Delivery, Americas
Subbarao is a results oriented Senior Leader with 30+ years experience in Enterprise Solution Consulting, Enterprise Program Management, Digital Enterprise Transformation/IT Modernization, Product Engineering, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), IT Service and Operations Management (ITSM/ITOM) and Strategic Account management. Global experience in building & managing high performing teams in solving complex business & technological challenges for the clients
Subbarao is a proven problem solver with extensive experience in the IT industry. He has been recognized as an outstanding performer by his employers, Hitachi/Sierra Atlantic and Computer Sciences Corp (CSC). Subbarao has also been certified in Six Sigma and Project Delivery Excellence by CSC University. In addition, Subbarao is certified in Supply Chain Management and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). He holds an M. Tech in Computer Aided Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur.
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SVP, Global Head of GRC and Customer Success
Satya Bobba brings more than 20+ years of experience in building market-leading enterprise SaaS products and solutions. Her experience spans engineering, cloud strategy, business development and customer success. Her passion is to help customers achieve GRC goals while simplifying their processes and reduce implementation costs. She brings more than 14 years of domain experience in building and delivering GRC solutions to top enterprise customers across Financial Services, Life sciences, Hi-Tech, Healthcare and Quality verticals.
Prior to joining Estuate, she worked at MetricStream as AVP Cloud Strategy, Global Head of Platform Engineering and Head of Advanced Engineering GRC Products and Services. Earlier in her career, at AOL and Netscape she held technical roles in enterprise server technologies and personalization frameworks. She has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Andhra University.
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Global Practice Delivery Lead
Stanley Perumala is the Global Practice Delivery Lead with 8.6 years at Estuate. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from International Technological University, which is his area of specialization. Stanley has 16 years of experience and has held various positions at Netpace, Cognizant and Hewlett-Packard.
He has received multiple accolades for his achievements such as building an innovation segment with zuora and leading the BRM practice. Stanley is a key contributor for the BRM practice, having built the team from the ground up and building the core team for the same.
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Prior to founding Estuate, Prakash was the Senior Director in Oracle Applications Global Sales Solutions team, which built complex Oracle E-Business Suite application demonstrations for Sales activities. Additionally, he had leadership roles in the development of Oracle’s much-acclaimed Business Flow Accelerator (BFA) for the E-Business suite. During this time, Prakash also built the highly-regarded India operations team from the ground up. Prakash holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Karnataka University in India.