Current Openings

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Estuate is looking for the right candidates for the following positions.

Job ID Job Title Location Posting Date
EST-IN-0011 UI Architect Bengaluru, KA 03-09-2017
EST-IN-0012 Senior UI Developer Bengaluru, KA 03-09-2017
EST-IN-0001 US IT Recruiter Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0002 Sales Manager Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0003 Dot Net Developer Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0004 Oracle Apex Developer Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0005 Inside Sales Executive Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0006 Oracle Funtional Analyst Gurgaon, HR 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0007 Oracle Funtional QA Analyst Gurgaon, HR 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0008 L&D Manager Gurgaon, HR 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0009 Tech Support Engineer Bengaluru, KA 03-08-2017
EST-IN-0010 Javascript Developer Gurgaon, HR 03-08-2017
EST-US-0031 GRC Project Manager Sunnyvale, CA 02-06-2017
EST-US-0029 Informatica Operations Engineer Redwood City, CA 02-04-2017
EST-US-0020 Sales Manager Princeton, NJ 02-02-2017
EST-US-0021 Sr. Java Developer Santa Clara, CA 02-02-2017
EST-US-0022 Technical Architect - Java/J2EE Mountain View, CA 02-02-2017
EST-US-0023 UI Engineer Reston, VA 02-02-2017
EST-US-0024 UI Software Engineer Santa Clara, CA 02-02-2017
EST-US-0026 IBM Optim Consultant Durham, NC 02-02-2017
EST-US-0027 .NET Software Engineer Durham, NC 02-02-2017
EST-US-0028 Full Stack “Cloud” Developer Salt Lake City, UT 02-02-2017
EST-US-0016 DevOps Tech Lead Princeton, NJ 02-01-2017
EST-US-0017 IT Desk Service Support Specialist Santa Clara, CA 02-01-2017
EST-US-0018 Linux VMWare Administrator Nashville, TN 02-01-2017
EST-US-0019 QA Engineer SFO, CA 02-01-2017